Bryde´s Whale at sunset
Twin Bottlenose Dolphins
Atlantic Spotted Dolphins
Northern Gannet
Risso´s Dolphins in playful mood
Gannets in flight
Dolphin with plastic wrapped around dorsal fin
Short-Finned Pilot Whales
´Stripey´ the Bryde´s Whale with a Cory´s Shearwater
Juvenile Gannet
Dolphin Sunset
Loggerhead Turtle being released after entanglement with line and nets
Risso´s Dolphin
Bryde´s Whale ´spy hopping´
Common Dolphins
Sandwich Tern
Juvenile Seagulls
Bryde´s Whale
Common Dolphin
Loggerhead Turtle
Northern Gannet at rest
Bottlenose Dolphins
Bryde´s Whale passing Puerto del Carmen Harbour
Common Dolphins in ´stealth mode´